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About us

STORK provides care for Chinese patients who come to Thailand for one by one care. While receiving treatment, there are bilingual translation services with trustworthy management, At the same time hotel, plane tickets booking services are available.

“ STORK” occurs as a way to reduce the treatment distance. There are domestic coordination centers such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Qingdao, Jinan, etc., providing a information service for IVF from Thailand. "Having STORK gives a better birth" Having a strong heir is the wish of every family. Assisting with the management of genetic diseases in procreation is a function of STORK. STORK has established a "genetically procurable birth" in order to raise the level of knowledge about genetically transmitted diseases. So that patients with genetic diseases can safely conceive and in order to help families with genetic contagious diseases to give birth to strong heirs, To stop the inheritance of genetic diseases in the family To improve the quality of the population in the country

FangHuahui is a birth counseling expert. Overseeing the management of a healthy birth so that every woman is taken care of and has a strong birth plan Since during pregnancy. While pregnant, after becoming pregnant and greater gestational age, in every step we provide nutritional care, mental health, obstetrics, genetic diseases, weight loss, weakness, health care, etc., with experting care in procreation make women confident in working life and able to have good physical health.