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Did you know?

Research has shown that older women's eggs effectiveness decrease compare with younger. Irregular ovulation, including chromosomal abnormalities And the occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities is likely to cause Down's syndrome. At the same time also increases the chance of miscarriage. Therefore, many women see the importance of eggs freezing.

How be able to maintain pregnancy ability?

Being a mother is almost a dream of every woman. Nowadays women who focus on work In order to reach his own goal, Would like to have a time to live with her family and Gradually plan for the future about having children But worried about the aging process That may not be able to have children that are cute and healthy, Women in the age after 27 the quality of eggs will decline While after the age of 35 the quality of eggs will decrease rapidly Until age 41, birth rate is only 14.9%

How be able to maintain pregnancy ability?

Cause of treatment

Center for Genetic and Infertility Counseling STORK Use crystal glass freezing methods. The viability of eggs are more than 90% by keeping in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C and can maintain the normal condition of the eggs After thawing, IVF The rate of birth after transfer is equal to fresh eggs.

The reason why only choose STORK

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What are the procedures for maintaining the ability to become pregnant?

Services procedure

Free inquiry
Physical examination
The doctor plans the treatment scheme
egg stimulation process
surgical process of collecting eggs
Eggs freezing
  • Free inquiry
  • Physical examination
  • The doctor plans the treatment scheme
  • egg stimulation process
  • surgical process of collecting eggs
  • Eggs freezing

STORK Maintain a pregnant woman's ability to pregnant

Treatment of pregnant ability and related questions

Q :does eggs collection hurts?

A :STORK· Use methods to collect eggs that don't hurt. The process of collecting eggs while the patient asleep. Without any pain Egg collection generally takes 10 minutes.

Q : How long can the eggs be stored?

A :STORK ·Use the crystal glass egg freezing method. The Freeze eggs dissolve process to fresh eggs averaged are over 90%. This technology uses storage at -196 in liquid nitrogen to maintain normal conditions of the egg. From this technology, there is no time limit for storage.

Q :When should women Preserve their reproductive abilities?

A:The ability to maintain pregnancy requires a period of adolescence. The eggs have matured as they age. Older women are at risk of chromosomal abnormalities The chance of success in IVF is reduced and affects the strength of the baby.

Q :Does egg stimulation affect an aging ? Does it affect the ability of the ovary?

A:Actually, women during the menstrual period There are eggs that are produced from the ovary. But in the natural process Through the hormones of the body, there are only 1-2 eggs that are cooked and fall. The process of stimulating the egg Relying on natural ovulation of one month, specially stimulated To increase the number of eggs and ripen the eggs to avoid the lack of eggs or eggs do not grow and atrophy Therefore, stimulating the egg does not affect the egg in another menstural periods.

Q :Are eggs freezing safe?

A:Storing in a special room by a specialist and every process is certified There also closed-circuit television system for security servuces And guarantee the storage environment