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Reputation and awards received from STORK Hospital in the past In the same personnel circle And future success

Date: 2019-04-01 09:44:45

Nowadays, the health profession is drawing an attention from all over the world. And in the future, it will become the fifth Interested business in the world after the IT business. This business has evolved into a large group, gradually changed into a small group. One of them, IVF is a business for health, In the background there a development over the time.

Presently STORK Maternity Counseling Center Limited in Shanghai, Shen yang the chief executive was invited to participate in 创新中国3.15颁奖联欢晚会 conferences and achieved 七星十佳口碑健康管理”荣誉单位称号 award for future development, We are full of passionate and proud for development,The STORK maternity counseling center is getting in the public eye in the market. Our company move forward wisely, in every step we overcome various obstacles in the health business until got accepted by the people.

The STORK Maternity counseling center provides help for giving birth with genetic related problem parents and we are certified by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Thailand Which The STORK Counseling Center is an agency for IVF assistance, and is an organization providing treatment "STORK Health Care Center that's allows you to choose to giving a births with quality " for make the dreams  of patients in need come true.

STORK Health Care Center Remained develops at all times. Health Care Center STORK, The Assistance Center for giving birth consulting for People with Genetic Disease, which Chief Executive, MS. Zhou Graduated from University master's degree in health management. Shen yang started working about medicine in the United States in 1998, In 2002 he returned to Okanon pharmaceutical co. due to gynecology and infertility work and Have long-term cooperation in obstetrics and gynecology work, both domestic and international country 

Mr. Jeff Shen Studies and Researched about Whom called"The father of IVF, Robert G. Edwards"

Mr. Jeff Shen and "The father of IVF, Robert G. Edwards"

Information about career and reputations

" in 2009, the founder of HEZHUOSHENGWU Is a contributor to the Chinese Traditionals medicine industry which Perform a template of genetic and fluid testing in all purposes for problem resolution. Resulting, China having a market share of IVF at 70% and the company has a comprehensive research capability "

President Xi Jinping visits the maternity hospital. Pei-e San-chiao Jae has reported, the development of research on the treatment of hereditary diseases before pregnancy. The center uses SNP technology which is obtained from the company HEZHUOSHENGWU

Tracking closely on career movement

" In 2014, STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center imported SNP array technology (SNP detection) and Next Generation DNA Sequencing technology (NGS), HEZHUOSHENGWU Provide technology support that makes STORK A.R.T. became the most modern fertility counseling center in Southeast Asia. "

In 2015, STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center started working IVF with SNP technology

" In 2016, STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center used Karyomapping technology and PGH testing before embryo transfer. Become the only center that uses these two technologies for IVF Helping parents with hereditary diseases and suffering from chromosomal abnormalities"

In 2016, STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center co-operation with the Public health department of Thailand organized the birth center for consultation (MOPH). Announce about medical tourism which there are 19 birth counseling centers that participate in the campaign The STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center is one of them.

" In 2017, STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center opened a coordination center in China mainland, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Jinan By providing free services on coordination In order for the service users to receive the best service "

In 2018, STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center achieved the success, 1000 th healthy baby was born.

STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center continued helping the suffering families

" In 2019, many countries around world launch over the campaign for genetic testing to prevent Schaaf-Yang gene abnormalities in new born babies. For the birth of a healthy baby which The STORK A.R.T. Maternity Counseling Center is a center that uses the Karyo-mapping and HLA technology in IVF "

"From the starts we never stop developing, like a piece of white paper that doesn’t stop to writing. We Working hard and steady. Maternity Counseling Center STORK A.R.T establishes a unique career path. We help many families to achieved the goal. But the STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling will never stop! From the development. Nowadays a health business has become in a public eye of industry, and it will be a trend towards the future. The STORK A.R.T. maternity counseling center will go through the wind or even the rain to strengthen and make further contributions. "