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       Causes of infertility situations and treatment for woman, there are many factors affect the ability to giving the birth. One of them includes ovulation, with an average of approximately 25 % of women having ovulation problems. Due to hormonal intake and lack of hormones, irregular ovulation may be due to weight gain or weight loss, low or high total body fat. Treatment of infertility problems may include drug medication for treatment, lifestyle changes (such as food, drinks, exercise) or IVF

       The obstructive fallopian tubes may be caused by many factors. The most common reason is Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Treatment may include IVF or other surgical procedures

       Cervical cancer may prevent the egg from being delivered to the fallopian tubes. Treatment may include ICSI treatment (IUI) or IVF At the age of thirty, women's ability to pregnancy tend to decrease. In addition, after the age of thirty, the efficiency will decrease dramatically. As much as women age increases, the greater chance of a change in the genetic and abnormalities of the baby have increased. Treatment may include examination of every embryo too make sure that every chromosome is not abnormal.

       Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) This symptom is most common and has an average of 10% of age-related effects. Due to lack of hormones in egg production or egg atrophy. The most common causes are irregular menstruation (low menstruation), excessive hair growth, similar to those found in males (hirsutism), obesity, and acne. Treatment may include medication, adjusting your lifestyle (diet and exercise) or IVF.

       Endometriosis is main problem, around 35% - 50% of women with infertility are caused by Endometriosis. This occurs while the growth of the lining of the uterus, which causes scarring in the fallopian tube.

        Inflammatory of the pelvic floor and other complications that occurred Menstrual pain, pain during intercourse, painful symptoms while urinating and feces, fatigue, nausea, causing fungal accumulation. Using surgical procedures or IVF Platelet abnormalities People who have had an abortion or repeated abortion. Is associated with the slow growth of the embryo and high blood pressure. Treatment is often the use of drugs to help with blood circulation.

       Endometrial hyperplasia, that endometriosis develops incorrectly by growing outside of the uterus, may cause abnormalities. The treatment includes medication and surgery (minority).Repeated abortion or not being successful in IVF.

       When we face a repeated abortion condition (RPL), those who suffer from this condition must be treated by a professional. The definition of repetitive abortion is those with two or more abortions. Abortion symptoms are often caused by many reasons. Risks tend to increase with age. STORK has a RPL care system. We have an information service for people with repetitive abortion, by expert to help with the infertility of every family